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Extra&ordinary Design

[MOLECULES] Small Bubble Bud Vase + Propagator

[MOLECULES] Small Bubble Bud Vase + Propagator

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Extra&ordinary Design's new collection Molecules are experimental sculpture pieces, designed of the number of different sized sphere elements in CAD software.

This collection demonstrates that the limited design elements can still create various visual languages and elicite diverse emotions from them.

This sculptural collection includes assorted objets such as candle holders, bud vase, and table lamp.

Some of the objects in the collection designed to be multi-functional. For instance, this small candle holder can be converted into a bud vase/propagator with an extra glass tube.





350 g

Lead time

3 Days

Care Instructions

Jesmonite is well-known for being eco-friendly, durable, and UV stable as in fine cement-like material. As each object is individually cast and finished by hand, slight colour variations and small surface differences may occur. These features are part of the casting process, making each product unique. To remove dirt or grease, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. All our products are coated with a sealant to resist a light amount of liquid. Sitting water may leave behind marks.

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